About Us

Changing with the game, one day at a time:)

We are revolutionizing the game of Flag Football. All across America, the popularity of the game is on fire. Athletes all across the USA are playing pick-up games, leagues, and tournaments throughout the entire year. It has been our mission to bring teams together and help create an experience that can be remembered for a lifetime. Our exclusive football was designed specifically for flag football and arena football and has a grip like you've never felt. Anyone can now throw farther and catch more touchdowns. 

People play flag football for a lot of different reasons. For some, its an outlet from their busy everyday lives. To most, its another chance to experience "brotherhood" and to be a part of something different. Some people play to brag about their stats! This is what drives us, to bring people together and put you in the game with the tools to win. We create and manufacture several different products for flag football and other sports including uniforms and accessories but we consider these footballs to be the heart of it all and its kinda where we began. 

As we continue to change with the times we have built strong relationships with league organizers and directors across the nation.  They also run other sports and their players coach other sports.  Thats why we have decided to get into making uniforms for Baseball, Basketball, Tackle Football, Soccer and so much more!!  Now in our fifth year (2021) of building our new factory we are beginning to hit our stride.  For us its part of something that started over 20 years ago in this industry and we keep trying to get better everyday.  Thanks for allowing us to serve you and help you win on and off the field!!


The Revolutionary Football