Sale Details


4 PACKAGES TO PICK FROM - If you don't want the flags and poppers and only want the jersey please take off $5 bucks.  Also, if you want to substitute triple threat flags for the sonic flags add $8 dollars.  All packages include a free white football as long as you get 12.  The minimum for the sale is 8.


  • $24 Budget Package: This starts as an A4 dri-fit game ready white shirt...we add your logo to the front and a number to the back.  The package includes a flags that we already have in stock, you can pick from any flags on our website but the whole team has to get the same flags.  It also includes purple poppers and if you get 12 you get a free white football.


  • $29 Competitive Package:  This includes everything from the Budget $24 package and also includes your name on the back.


  • $34 Pro Package:  This package includes our FULL SUBLIMATION, made from scratch, designed any way you want it jersey.  Every inch of this jersey is designable and all you have to do is tell us what you want it to look like, we do all the work.  The Package also includes custom flags designed ANY WAY YOU WANT THEM and also includes our Poppers Series 2.  A


  • The $39 Elite package:  This package includes everything from the $34 Pro Package but also includes the upgraded SHRUUMZ male and female pieces.  These are better quality than the version 2 Purple Poppers and last longer. 


  • $109 deposit gets your order started - $59 goes toward your final balance and $50 is your art fee (covers jersey and flag art).  ALL OF YOUR DEPOSIT GOES TOWARD YOUR INVOICE, YOU WILL SEE EVERYTHING ON THE INVOICE WHEN WE SEND IT, THERE ARE NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

  • Full Sublimation Shorts (our best and most popular style of shorts) are $19 more if you order them in conjunction with this deal.  Regular price if you order separate is $31

  • Minimum quantity is 8 jerseys.  If you order 12 or more you also get a free white football.

  • Normal delivery on this deal is 10-14 business days but we offer rush service for $50.

  • Shipping is normally around $20 depending where you are in the USA.

  • Sponsor logos will appear on all sale products - the EFF logo will be on the sleeve of the shirt, on the back of the flags and on the side of the football.

  • Compression Jerseys are $5 extra.  The deal as shown is for our most popular dri-fit style.

  • Once you pay your deposit please send a message to Dennis Freels on Facebook messenger.  We realize this is a bit strange if you don't use Facebook but we are a very public company and 95% of our business comes from Facebook and it's easier for us to use a personal page than a business page because you can add other coaches and friends and communicate more effectively that way.  Plus, we have a very personal tie and background in the Flag Football world so its just "who we are".  If you don't use facebook you can create a fake account and use facebook messenger for this order.  Download the messenger APP and you don't even have to have the facebook app on your phone.  It's much faster than email once it's set up and you will see your invoice, confirm your artwork with our artists and do everything else you need to do right there in the messenger thread with us.  We love being close to our customers and moving really fast.  Talk to you soon!!