Custom Sonic Flags - Start My Order (includes art fee, setup and 10 sets)

Custom Sonic Flags - Start My Order (includes art fee, setup and 10 sets)

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START YOUR TEAM ORDER FOR CUSTOM SONIC FLAGS - if you have any questions please click this link

  • $120 includes art fee, set-up and 10 sets of flags  (minimum order)

  • Flags Are Standard 15 Inch Length

  • Does not include belts or sockets
  • If you want more than 10 sets please let our artist know after he completes your approved artwork and he will send you the link to order additional belts.

  • After you pay to start your order come back here and click this link that will connect you to Dennis Freels on messenger.  Please include your order number in your message to Dennis and we will connect you to the artist.

  • This get started amount pays for 10 sets and your set-up/art fee.  The reason we charge you for this up front is because that is the minimum we can do on a custom order of sonic flags.  However, most people want more than 10 sets and we know you probably do as well.  Once your artwork is finished our artist will send you the link to your art on the website so that you can order as many as you need.  Keep in mind that you have already paid for 10 sets when you go to complete your order so if you need 20 sets total you will only order 10 more.  If you order more than the initial 10 sets you will pay one more shipping fee when you check out but it is only $9 for as many as you need at that time.  Once you start your order with this $120 payment and send a message to the link above we will connect you to our artist on Facebook Messenger.  You will describe to the artist on messenger how you want the flags to look and he will work with you until you get what you want.  Once you have approved your artwork he will upload it to the website and send you the link to order as many as you like. Any questions about ordering can also be asked through the messenger link above.